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Ivorian Musical artist Safarel Obiang threatens GSM operators after the rise in internet prices

Ivorian Musical artist Safarel Obiang threatens GSM operators after the rise in internet prices. The reactions continue to flow in the row of the artists since the services of the mobile operators have revised upwards the cost of the Internet. After Molare, it’s Safarel’s turn to express his dissatisfaction and to call on the GSM operators to remedy the situation quickly.

Since April 6, 2023, an increase in mobile data rates has been introduced by the three major mobile communication service operators in Côte d’Ivoire. Thus, subscribers must now pay 1000 FCFA for a gigabyte of internet, or 1 FCFA per megabyte, resulting in a reduction in the available internet volume. This decision angered not only some politicians but also artists.

In an outing on his social networks, the offbeat cut artist Safarel Obiang ranted against the heads of GSM operators in Côte d’Ivoire. The big winner of Primud  2019 stressed that this increase would not only impact the population but also the artists who depend on their fans to earn a living.

“Personally, we have nothing against you, but your internet business there, please remedy this very quickly. Otherwise, after my old môgô Molar, I’ll come down on you over there and you’ll read the time. Better to have me as a friend than an enemy. Yesterday it was about the artists, no sponsors, and now the people! that is to say that it is on our fans who give us to eat that you arrived? Aaah it’s going to heat up as soon as possible, “reacted the quirky cut artist Safarel on his social networks.

In the process, Safarel Obiang also expressed his determination to act to make his voice heard, by evoking the possibility of a strong intervention if the operators do not quickly take measures to remedy the situation. “  When you let us down, you refuse to accompany us on our events, we are left to our own devices. And the people who support us, who give us a smile, who travel massively for our concerts, and who give us strength on the networks, are the people. So get this over again faster,” he added.

This reaction from Safarel Obiang is shared by many Ivorian consumers who did not fail to thank the artist for having made his voice heard in this fight against the sudden increase in mobile internet prices in Côte d’Ivoire.

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