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Good News! A New WhatsApp beta for iPad App is now available on TestFlight!

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app, has long been a staple on smartphones. However, until recently, it was not available as a native app for the iPad. This left iPad users with the option of using the web version or running the iPhone app in a scaled-up view. But now, WhatsApp has introduced a beta version of its native app for the iPad, allowing users to access their messages directly on their Apple tablets. In this article, we will explore the details of the WhatsApp beta for iPad, how it works, and its availability.

WhatsApp Beta for iPad: The Breakthrough

According to reports from WABetaInfo, the latest beta version of WhatsApp available on Apple’s TestFlight platform is compatible with iPadOS. This means that iPad users no longer have to rely on the web version or use the scaled-up iPhone app. The new iPad app works similarly to the recently released Mac app, utilizing Apple’s Mac Catalyst technology.

To begin using WhatsApp on the iPad, users need to install the beta version of WhatsApp on their iPhone and open the app. From there, users can navigate to WhatsApp Settings and select “Linked Devices.” This will generate a QR code that can be scanned using the iPad, linking it to the user’s WhatsApp account. Once linked, users can send and receive messages on their iPad, with all conversations being synced across their iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Features and Functionality

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The WhatsApp beta app for iPad takes advantage of the larger screen real estate to provide an enhanced user experience. The interface is designed to display more content in columns, optimizing the use of space. Users can access their entire chat history, send and receive messages, and even participate in group chats. The app works seamlessly even when the iPhone is not nearby or connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

It is important to note that the WhatsApp beta app for iPad is a companion app and requires an active WhatsApp account linked to an iPhone. Users cannot create a new WhatsApp account directly through the iPad app. However, having the ability to access messages on the iPad is a significant improvement for WhatsApp users who own Apple tablets.

Availability and Future Developments

Currently, the WhatsApp beta app for iPad is only available through TestFlight, Apple’s platform for testing and distributing beta apps. Access to the beta version is limited, and availability is subject to the number of available slots. WhatsApp has not announced an official release date for the public version of the iPad app. However, based on the speed of WhatsApp’s development, it is expected that the app will be available on the App Store in the near future.

It is worth mentioning that the WhatsApp beta app for Mac took almost a year to be released, so it is possible that the iPad app’s release could follow a similar timeline. In the meantime, users can continue to use the current version of WhatsApp for iPhone, which is available for free on the App Store.


The introduction of the WhatsApp beta app for iPad is a significant development for iPad users who rely on the messaging platform. While it is still in beta and has certain limitations, such as the inability to create a new WhatsApp account directly on the iPad, the app provides a seamless way to access and interact with messages on an Apple tablet. With the app’s compatibility with iPadOS and its utilization of Mac Catalyst technology, WhatsApp has taken a step towards bridging the gap between smartphones and tablets. As the beta version progresses and the app becomes available to the public, iPad users can look forward to a more comprehensive WhatsApp experience on their devices.

Note: This article is for informational purposes only. The information provided here is based on the available sources at the time of writing. The availability and features of the WhatsApp beta app for iPad may be subject to change.

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